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Penguins Playoffs Preview.

 This blog is just going to be about the Penguins post-season. Today I am going to preview the playoffs, and here is the way I see the final Eastern Conf. standings.

1. Boston

2. Washington

3. New Jersey

4. Carolina

5. Philadelphia

6. Pittsburgh

7. New York

8. Montreal.

As you can see, I have the Penguins playing the Devils in the first round of the playoffs, a very winnable series for the Pens. The last time these two teams played, the Penguins annihalated the Devils 6-1. I would much rather play the Devils in the first round than the Hurricanes based on recednt play. I really wish it was the Flyers though, because 1. it would be fun 2. I think we'd win. Anyway, if the Pens beat the Devils, which I think they will, they will have a tough draw in round two. I see the other first round winners being Boston, New York (Yes, New York), and Philadelphia. That would pit Boston vs. New York and Pitt vs. Philly. If it comes down to these three teams, consider the Flyers-Pens series as the ECF. If the Pens win, they would likely face Boston in the ECF. I think the Penguins would beat the Bruins, based on recent play. The last time they played, the Penguins won even though Mathieu Garon was in net for the Penguins, and he sucks.

That isn't my prediction yet, but just a preview. I think the additions of Chris Kunitz and Billy Guerin are huge and the departure of the infamous Ryan Whitney is even bigger. We will see, and I will be back when the playoff seeds are finalized.

Let's go Pens


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Pirates 7 Cardinals 4..........4-7-09

 The Pirates continued their domination of the world last night as they beat the Cardinals 7-4. Freddy Sanchez lead the Bucs with a 4-5 day, leaving his BA at .571. Yesss itssaaaaa niceee. Nate McLouth hit a ball over the fence for a home run. Zach Duke got a WIN (remember that) for the Buccos and also added a double, giving him one more hit than Ryan Whi…. Andy LaRoche. Adam LaRoche went 0-5 with 2 K's. GOOD. He's hitting .143. GOOD. Doumit got a double and a single to raise his AVG to .154. GOOD. Brandon Moss went 3-4. Nice. McLouth's homer is his only hit so far. GOOD. Tyler Yates tried to blow another game, and raised his ERA to 27.00. GOOD. John Russell had some interesting insight on Freddy Sanchez after the game. "Freddy can hit," Russell said. Mmk. Oh yeah Jack Wilson went 4-5 to raise his BA to .462. The Pirates next play the Cardinals again today at 1:40 PM. Ross Ohlendorf vs. Chris Caprpenter. GOOD. Not really…

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Pittsburgh Pirates 2009

  I have the Pirates finishing with the worst record in the majors at 59-103. Call me a pessimist, but I have several reasons why I think the Pirates will put a new defintion to the word "suck" this year. First off, nowadays the MLB is all about the big fly. The Pirates have only three players that are a threat to do that, and one of them falls asleep at random times. Adam LaRoche is a horrible player until mid-June every year, and I have no reason to belive that will not happen again. Reporter John Smith spoke with LaRoche yesterday and asked him why he can't hit worth crap until June. LaRoche responded: "I think it's because it takes me a while to get warmed……(Snore)…….up you know? I mean, it gets better." Right you are Adam. Ryan Doumit has some pop in his bat too, and I actually think he will have a good year this year. Nate McLouth is a different story. Nate was the Pirates best player last year, but I have a bad feeling that's the best he will ever be. He hit 26 homers and drove in 94 runs. As the leadoff hitter. Now, John Russell stupidly will move him to the third spot and bat Nyjer Morgan 1st. A-DUH. Morgan can't hit a friggin beach ball. A smarter choice would be to call up Andrew McCutchen from AAA Indianapolis. The kid was the Pirates second leading hitter in ST, but meanwhile he isn't good enough to make the worst team in MLB? C'mon. He should be the 3rd hitter on the Buccos, and bat McLouth 1st.
 Another reason why the Pirates will suck is because of how bad their front office is. And I really don't feel like beating this dead horse again so I will just leave it at that for the time being.
 The third reason the Pirates will suck is that their pitching is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Paul Maholm is the "Ace" of the staff. He had an astounding year with a 9-9 record and 3.71 ERA. Ace. Gag me. After that comes Zach Duke and Ian Snell,  who had a combined record of  12-26. Wow.  The final two starters are Ross Ohlendorf and Jeff Karstens, who had a combined record of 3-10. So let's do some math. The starting rotation of the Pirates had a combined record of 24-45. That is HORRIBLE. TERRIBLE. EMBARASSING. That's all I have to say about that. Matt Capps is a decent closer, but you actually have to be winning to close a game, so he will get very little chances.
 The Pirates season begins today against the Cardinals. Execution time is set for 4:00 PM EST. Adam Wainwright will start for St. Louis, Maholm for the Pirates. Please keep the Pirates in your prayers. The game is on FSN Pittsburgh. Yay.
 The Pirates opened up the new season with a shocking 6-4 defeat of the Cardinals. Jack Wilson hit a three run double for the winning hit in the top of the 9th inning. Ryan Ludwick of the Cardinals broke a 2-2 tie in the 8th with a leadoff homer. The Cardinals added another run via sacrifice fly in the inning to put the Pirates down two going into the last inning. Jason Motte, the Cardinals rookie closer, came in to close the game. Freddy Sanchez led the inning off with a double. After two outs, Adam LaRoche uncharacteristically got a hit in April and scored Sanchez. Eric Hinske then came in for Ryan Whi…er Andy LaRoche and doubled Adam LaRoche to third. Brandon Moss then stepped to the plate and was hit by the first pitch he saw, probably on purpose. Wilson then stepped to the plate and was promptly in an 0-2 hole. The next pitch Wilson saw was at his eyes. And he swung. But, somehow, he managed to hit the ball into the left-center field gap, scoring all three runs with a double. Matt Capps then capped the game off and got his first save of the year.
 Interesting stats: Nyjer Morgan: 3-5 2 RBI. Doumit 0-5. Andy LaRoche 0-3, 4 Runners Left on Base, 2 errors. Hinske 1-1 2B. I have deemed Andy LaRoche the worst player in the MLB.
 The Pirates season returned to normal Tuesday night as they were beat badly by the Cards, 9-3. Ian Snell showed absolutely no prowess last night, and was pounded hard. Snell gave up 8 runs in 4 innings off of 9 hits. Fire Neal Huntington. Albert Pujols and Chris Duncan both went yard off of Snell. Donnie Veal (who is that?) came in and relieved Snell and promptly let up a homer to Yadier Molina. Andy LaRoche added a nice 0-3, 1 error day that raised his average to .000 and his fielding percentage to .375. Fire Neal Huntington. On the bright side, Freddy Sanchez homered for the Bucs. Also, Nate McLouth and Ryan Doumit, the 3-4 hitters in the lineup, both are batting .000. McLouth is 0-6, Doumit 0-8. GOOD. Actually, out of the 9 starters for the Pirates last night, 4 don't have any hits. GOOD. Morgan and Sanchez lead the team with .444 averages each. Andy LaRoche sucks. Craig Hansen looked good in his two innings, striking out three.

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Morning after Blog

Inspired by Killer's thread, this blog is where you can come to talk about games that happened the previous night. I'm looking for many Penguins opinions, but fans from all fans are invited to talk.
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  lets go and get it
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